International Journal on Interactive Design and Manufacturing
What is Interactive Design

Key Words

The International Journal on Interactive Design and Manufacturing is characterized by the following major key words:

  • Interactive Design and Manufacturing,
  • High-Realistic Multi-Sensorial Virtual Prototyping,
  • Rapid Virtual Exploration of Engineering Solution Spaces,
  • Human Centred Design Method,
  • Virtuality for Innovation,
  • Interactive Decision Support System,
  • Engineering Knowledge Modelling Support Techniques,
  • Modelling Techniques for Advanced Rapid Virtual Simulations
  • Modelling for advanced rapid simulation,
  • Interactive Instrument Integration in Industrial Process.

Previous major axes are regarded through:

  • new techniques and instruments recently developed leading to the improvement of the previous elements,
  • new engineering methodologies based on the previous elements,
  • experiments and benchmarks of integration of the previous elements,
  • original industrial uses of the previous elements.


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