International Journal on Interactive Design and Manufacturing

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The International Journal on Interactive Design and Manufacturing (IJIDeM) internationally publishes all contributions.

IJIDeM is a reference in the domain of virtual engineering, by providing an extended description of new discoveries about the development, the implementation and the use in Design and Manufacturing of advanced simulations being able to be high-realistic, multi-sensorial and adaptative. The high-quality  scientific and technical articles supply a transversal view by allowing the reader to benefit an accurate description of last relevant functional instruments, processes and methodologies.

IJIDeM is a peer-reviewed international journal, only written in English. IJIDeM is published by Springer Verlag.

Peer-reviewed articles are brought together in 7 annual current issues:

  • 4 annual "Standard Issues",
  • 2 possible "Specific Issues" being able to be:

IJIDeM provides an acurate overview of:

  • advanced  studies,
  • new researches,
  • benchmark test results,
  • new solutions,
  • technical descriptions,
  • original industrial applications,

about every transversal or accurate activities related to the Interactive Design and Manufacturing.

IJIDeM is Edited by Dr. Xavier Fischer with Springer Verlag*. The journal is internationally disseminated in electronic or paper format.


* With the partnership of the French Company Springer Verlag France


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