International Journal on Interactive Design and Manufacturing

Step for Article Submission


The submission of an article involves authors to respect the following steps:

Step 1: Electronic Account Creation
Each author is invited to create an electronic account in Editorial Manager (EM), the IJIDeM electronic Submission System : Direct Link Click Here. Any author already having submitted an article to IJIDeM must reuse his personal account.

Step 2: Electronic Submission
Author connects on the EM system by using personal login and password: Connection to EM.
Author is invited to fill personal information sheet in EM. Personnal information are used to send publications or for any contact.
For each article, authors must SEPARATLY:
- define the abstract,
- list each co-author and fill personal co-author information sheet,
- upload the manuscript by separatly uploading:
        1- the title page,
        2- the full text (without figures - place of figure only cite the figure number - but include caption),
        3- the figures one after one in high definition (1200 dpi) only in EPS or TIFF format,
        4- the tables one after one in high definition (1200 dpi) only in EPS or TIFF format,
- when all materials are uploaded:
        1- choose to make the article,
        2- wait a moment,
        3- accept the article made
the submission is now waiting for editor-in-chief acceptance who will check the format of article. If the format does not match official templates, the paper may be refused or demanded to be modified under 24h.
Step 3: Review

Blind review is implemented by 3 reviewers. Average time for review is 4 months.

Step 4: Notification and Expected Modifications

Notifications are sent by email and reviews are available on EM. Authors are invited to see review on EM for making modified paper.

Step 5: Revised article submission

Usually, authors have less than 2 weeks to electronically submit modified article. Exceeded delays may occurs the withdrawn of article.
Modified article is uploaded by following the same was as detailed in step 2.

Step 6: Notification of Final Acceptance

Contact author receives under 2 weeks final acceptance for publication.

Step 7: Copyrights and Form

Under 3 weeks, contact author is contacted by Springer Verlag. He re-sends under 2 days to Springer Verlag:
- the copyright to IMPERATIVELY send under 24h,
- draft offprints to IMPERATIVELY validate under 24h..

Step 8: Electronic Publication

First Paper is electronically published on IJIDeM Springer Verlag website under 2 months. Authors may use at this step the reference in own list of publications (DOI number is available).
Printed publication within full issue is later.

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