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AIP PRIMECA is a research network from the French Research Ministry. It aims to support and to combine resources, efforts and incubate collaborations in the fields of mechanical engineering, computer aided engineering, design and manufacturing of products and industrial innovation. AIP PRIMECA is the leader in France of all academic and research organizations focusing on previous domains. It has the strong mission to maintain the quality of innovative activities having a pedagogic, research or industrial character.

IJIDeM is the international journal of AIP PRIMECA Network


ESTIA is a trilingual and international engineering institute located in France. It aims to support the development of industrial innovation by two ways: the implementation of high-quality engineering education, the realization of advanced transversal research and the incubation of new industrial projects. The international character has leaded ESTIA to the creation of instruments having an international visibility whose the goal is to launch and to enhance transversal, mixed and international project. ESTIA has also acquired a wide experience in the domain of dissemination and marketing for science.

ESTIA technically implement the journal IJIDeM and ensure scientifi quality.

IDMME - Virtual Concept

IDMME - Virtual Concept is the international conference AIP PRIMECA Network. It is strongly linked to IJIDeM journal.

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